At the end of the summer the UPP Creative Artists Book is presented in Portugal (Algarve and Madeira) and Mexico (Guadalajara, Jalisco).

I am excited about showing art prints from a project I called myself #signaltonoise emerged from ‚El Estado de las cosas‚. 





ALBUFEIRA / Algarve   For the exhibition at Jack’s Irish Pub – Restaurant & Art Gallery we have composed ‚Make music not war‘, ‚You can do it‘ and ‚Believer‘ as a trilogy.


FUNCHAL / Madeira   In Madeira at the Museu de Electricidade / Casa da Luz, Funchal I have the privilege of an entire wall so we have added ‚Fragilidad‘ and Europa (Earth’s cry Heaven’s smile)‘.



GUADALAJARA / Jalisco   For Mexico at the Casa Cultural de Refugio Tlaquepaque we decided for You can do it‘ and Believer‘.


These drawings are only a selection of a great number of works inspired by music or directly notated by its rhythm. I have worked through lots of pieces of music that came up as answers to disturbances in the world. Pieces of music that were written many years ago – famous masterpieces with certain and important messages to be remembered again.
Fragilidad‘ has been inspired by Sting and ‚Europa‘ by Carlos Santana. Who would have guessed that?

Fotos ©United Photo Press