This is the first episode of a new series called „Work in progress“.
Some of my paintings contain a lot of stories, processes and redoings I would like to share. Please keep or communicate also your own thoughts and imagination about the piece. In some cases I wished that I had stopped earlier because I had lost a detail I became fond of. The paintings, however, seemed obviously not completed and they were still requiring this process. It is so real!

is currently in progress and keeps me already busy for a couple of months. It started far too shy, then one world after another one joined. Not yet completed, the painting suffered recently a big shot in the middle of the screen: an accident? an active volcano? Click on the picture for scaling it a little bit — you may already sense life.

too-many-worlds_2_IMG_5363  too-many-worlds_IMG_5371

I couldn’t wait to clear it up and „cure“ the scenery today… I am amazed how the worlds seem to grow together now 🙂 To be continued…


By the way, the main colour of the brownish „big shot“ in the middle is called Caput mortuum — sounds weird, mh? I stored this pigment for years, discovered it by chance in a box when I revived my painting and I just love to work with it.