Munich Artists Box Melody Installation  |  Spring 2017

Organic structures make me feel connected to nature. I have got everything and I feel inner peace. A quiet and open space to take a deep breath.
Free your mind, enjoy new spirit and the moment!

MAKING OF  //  The box is the result of an active creative process. I thought of a box with sound, my own melody: It got filled with pieces moving like thoughts and ideas: ping-pong and wooden balls knocking against the wood, I stretched strings, chose colours, created some other elements and one happy, smiling face. It was about to become a box called ‚Madness is in the house‘.
The next day it made me nervous. Everything was moving and noisy and it reminded me of our mad world at some places: We react, everything is moving fast, sometimes we cannot influence things happening, our positive attitude is a struggle and our smile does not fit into the box because our nose is too long. We do need to make a big effort to focus and hear ourselves.

box-en-el-aire_IMG_2629I decided to start from scratch again: with a completely empty and new box. I got inspired by the wonderful structure and texture of the wood and smelled the tree so I integrated my WORLD of HARMONY. Some of those round worlds emerged lately when I sensed everything around me too anxious and noisy, when I heard the cries for help. I finally wanted PEACE on EARTH: People listening to themselves and feeling the ground again to be able to touch the sky. People interacting and connected to each other with love and the nature. The coppery color, resembling cables and distributors, enforces the connectivity and gives the box brightness and a precious touch.

The lid of the box was closed first, however, I needed to open the door widely for unlimited space. Any attempt to fill the box again has been disallowed, but I communicated with the shapes of the wood and painted cryptic and magic signs inside. Have you discovered them?

The frequented „terrace“ is an invitation for you to stay and have a rest for the SOUND OF SILENCE. If you have a secret wish or something you would like to forget or share, write it on the bottom side of the lid and free your mind.