Those acrylic paintings on paper from a current series have already started off a larger project. My artworks are mostly music-inspired, yet this feels like a dialogue between musicians and myself. A sequence of coincidences is serving the music which apparently is asking for being made more visible.


El Estado de las cosas I  // acrylic on paper, 2018, 40×30 cm (Ponk Trio, ‘Slépka’)
El Estado de las cosas II // acrylic on paper, 2018, 40×30 cm (Kortatu, ‘La Linea del Frente’)
El Estado de las cosas III // acrylic on paper, 2018, 40×30 cm (Kortatu, ‘El Estado de las cosas’)

The initial spark was activated by three young and amazing Czech musicians called Ponk Trio telling dark stories in their mother tongue in a so-called ‘post-folklor’ music style. The fact that I didn’t understand a word of the lyrics but painted the crazy village they were probably talking about brought me to a Basque group called Kortatu who played an incredible rock-punk-metal style. Their vinyl from 1986 called ‘El Estado de las cosas’ with most lyrics in Spanish though made me in a way sense some parallels and realize that in those 30 years we are still talking about similar issues: ‘El estado de las cosas’ (current state of affairs) turns even more into ‘el Estado de las cosas’ (that way it’s also (intentionally?) written on Kortatu’s album – meaning ‘the State of objects’) where human beings feel neglected with their needs, wishes and identity.

Let me quote Kortatu: ‚Como ves mi guitarra no dispara, pero sé donde apunto aunque no veas la bala.‘ (‘As you can see my guitar, it doesn’t shoot, but I know where I target at even if you don’t see any bullets’ )
and Ponk Trio:
‘There’s no life without death.’

My project is continuing and urges me to listen to musicians who have so much to say, those days and even more today. I am so pleased that despite of the conflicts I still see happiness in each painting so I am about to set my ’signals to noise‘ with my artworks and do my very best to transform hate, injustice and lies into a hopeful smile to be shared.