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Dorothea grew up in Bavaria and works as graphic designer and artist in Munich.

Her curiosity, creativity and imagination creates lots of stories. 
Inspired by human being, society, daily life and nature there is a lot to discover and share. Moving and turning ideas – combined with her visionary power – she generates often something completely surprising and amusing: captured moments, moods and little stories being told in paintings, illustrations, photographs and mixed media artworks.

Apart from doodling everywhere she is experimenting and exploring different material. „Everything is already in our hands.“ Our environment delivers precious resources, so she is excited by her found and, from time to time, she offers them a place of honor in her works.

She participated in workshops of drawing, painting, photography, experimental video taping and also shaping with clay, wood, metal welding, etc. 


Basically, a résumé of Picasso’s quote Una idea es un punto de partida, y nada más, para hacer algo. No lo es todo. Si te pones a trabajarla con el pensamiento se vuelve otra cosa. (An idea is the starting point, and nothing else, in order to do something. That’s not all. If you start working on it with the thoughts it then becomes something else.)

When starting, I do sometimes not know where it will take me. Creativity expels knowledge, ignores critics and it meets my HEART and SOUL.

Picasso says also Para dibujar hay que cerrar los ojos y cantar. (To draw you should close your eyes and sing.)

MUSIC is my vital source and I am always singing or having a piece of music in mind. Coincidences seem even serving me pieces of music to be listened more intensely and transcribed. Every artwork is composed with the adequate technique to let my ideas flow as intuitively as possible. My creative process is comparable to a mysterious journey or a dialogue between me and someone else or even myself – questioning and responding, monologues, transmissions – everything is connected. Photographs are immediate reflections, they are interpretation but also vision and inspiration and they conserve precious moments. Through my works issues are visualized and I get the opportunity to ‘read’ and comprehend them better, and, if necessary, initiate transformations, build bridges and picture a harmonized world.
Imagination is a good start.

My funny characters and doodles are also created under my pseudonym dotilia.

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