June: new month – new challenge

Emmy posted a new Mini sketch challenge for Munich Artists in June. It’s always a lot of fun and inspires me. This time I am really struggling with making my creatures fit into the calendar’s grid. You may know how I love boxes, drawers and systems while creating… I’ll manage it somehow 😉

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proyecto paz

469 days those findings were under quarantine. Since New Year’s day last year, before our concert singing Beethoven’s „Ode of Joy“, I kept my findings — at first sight mistaken for jewelry in the snow glittering in the sun. My approaches to convert them into something peaceful failed so far.   So happy when I discovered the other day that chandelier from the NULLSERIE in a Pop-up Gallerie designed by Sophie Erbacher & Lena Gillitzer. (You’ll have more pictures under the link above – exposition extended until mid…

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21 days saying HELLO

Munich Artist Art Challenge in March 2016: 21 days saying HELLO. Every day a new headline — nothing planned — inspiring great artist fellows — 100% fun… Looking forward to meeting the other artists in persona. My performance in sort of random order…

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Nice fellow

One of my faithful characters are Erdmännchen (suricates), briefly Erdies for me. Checking the translation in other languages, one of the best is the German one which means „little man of the Earth“…

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