‚fusion‘ and ‚the dance‘ – fuga y misterio

‚the dance‘ – fuga y misterio // ink on paper, 2017 will also be in the UPP 28 YEARS BOOK. It is a Tango-inspired storyline. The bandoneon‘s rhythm marks the lines and empowers the dancer straightaway at the first stroke – escape and mystery. Where will that dance lead to?   ‚fusion‘ I started this drawing in ink with the musician playing the contrabass until I overheard the conversation with his instrument. They seem to have a special relationship. How wonderful…

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‚pasajero‘ in the 28 Years of UPP Creative Artists Book

‚pasajero‘ is a series that was represented last year at the Feria del Arte Contemporáneo in Málaga (see also ‚pasajero‘ for FACES in Málaga). For the UPP 28 YEARS BOOK I have chosen apart from the lively and famous ‚danza‘ and ‚fiesta‘ one of my artwork called ‚pasajero‘ (=passenger & temporary). It seems a known view, a snap-shot of these days: an encounter of ‚passengers‘ full of hope, timidness and motivation, tiredness and anticipation. Working with the unpredictable water to…

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neue Postkartenmotive / new postcards share LOVE Postkarten   |   Druck auf Perlmuttkarton, 12,5×12,5 cm. Rückseite blanko. mit / ohne Umschlag postcards    |   print on pearly paper, 12,5×12,5 cm. plain backside. with / without envelope Erhältlich bei / available at: Das kleine Kunsteck, Elsässer Strasse 19  ♥︎   81667 München Open: Mi-Wed / Do-Thu / Sa-Sat 12oo-18oo ♥︎ Fr 12oo-2ooo Ihr seid nicht in München. Kontaktiert mich bitte direkt. You are not in Munich? Please get in touch…

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